Audio Recording Sound Safari

Summary The intention of this project was to analyze the way that different types of recording equipment interacted with their environment. This meant experimenting with different factors such as what is being recorded, where, and the distance between the sound source and the recording equipment. Members of my group (group 5) recorded a sample of … [Read more…]

April 2022 SMART Goal Project

SUMMARY For my Smart Goal of April 2022, I wanted to learn to play some of the guitar parts to Deftones’ My Own Summer. The segments of this song I wanted to learn were segments I chose because I believed they would require only slightly more skill than that of my Smart Goal for last month. This … [Read more…]

Melody Research, Analysis, and Recording Project AT THE TOP OF THE POST FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS IN THE: Melody Research, Analysis, and Recording Project Feedback Form (PDF) REVIEW THESE OLDER POST EXAMPLES – THEY ARE A LITTLE DIFFERENT FROM YOURS: Chase’s post Abbey’s post Cassy’s post Summary The goal of this project is to improve understanding of musical techniques used to engage the listener and … [Read more…]